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SMPC is engaged in the manufacture and supply of printed and non-printed flexible packaging materials, adhesive lamination of multi layers of relevant substrate with hotmelt adhesive in roll form and antifungal paper, poly coated soap stiffner made of various substrates like paper, polyester, BOPP film, metallized film, foil, extrusion poly, blown film, 3-5 layer poly film, wax, hot melt adhesive etc. for the packaging of soaps, detergents, candies, confectionery, tea and other food items.

SMPC produces flexible packaging materials in roll form, which is supplied to various manufacturers of toilet soaps, detergent bars, detergent powder, biscuits, confectionery, candy, rice, tea, shaving blades, etc.

We specialize in the manufacture of hot melt coated soap wrapper, anti-fungal and anti-curl, poly coated soap stiffener, poly coated specialty paper through extrusion coating process and eco-friendly, polyester-free, non-laminated soap wrapper for the packaging of toilet soap and laundry detergent bars.ressence watch replica rolex cellini replica watches rolex copy for sale

In addition, we make printed laminates to pack food items, confectionery, candy, tea, etc. The packaging is designed in line with the design inputs received from clients and can also be designed to suit our client needs. Finished materials are made to the required specifications of our client keeping in mind the wrappers’ design aesthetics and machine compatibility, so as to provide for an attractive packaging solution at competitive prices.tag 

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Ravi Varma

Ravi Varma

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